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Details on how to enable JavaScript can be found here. Sending restrictions Parcel sizes Restricted goods Prohibited goods. Step 1. Item weight is required Item weight must be at least 1g Item weight in grams must be a positive whole number Posting heavier than 20kg? Click here to access Parcelforce services Posting heavier than 20kg?

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Click here to access Parcelforce services Item weight for international deliveries must be between 1g and 2kg Item weight in grams for international deliveries must be a positive whole number between 1g and 2,g 2kg. This list has been filtered down so it only includes sizes which are suitable for the weight of your item.

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Please choose a size option from the list. Please choose a service from the list. Please enter names and addresses in Latin characters English alphabet as other characters may not be recognised by our systems. Tick this box if you do not want the sender details to appear on the label. A summary of the choices you've made will appear here as you progress through the one-off delivery journey.

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